Portobello Mushroom Cheeseburger




1. Bring grill temperature up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, with coals offset for indirect cooking.


2. Season ground chuck with SPG to taste.

3. Add in ½ cup of diced onions.

4. Mix well.

5. Make thin hamburger patties that will fit inside each mushroom. 2-4 oz. each, depending on mushroom size. Thick patties will take too long to cook and could result in over-cooked mushrooms.


6. Remove stems from mushrooms.

7. Using a spoon, carefully remove gills and save approximately 1/8 cup for mayo spread.

8. Insert thin hamburger patties inside each cleaned mushroom.


9. Combine mayonnaise and mushroom gills.

10. Mix well. Set aside.


11. Place mushrooms, meat side down directly over hot coals to sear hamburger meat. Approximately 2-3 minutes. Burgers will still be raw in the middle.

12. Add a light coating of oil over the top of each Portobello mushroom.

13. Move the mushroom burgers to indirect heat. Turn so the hamburger side is facing up.

14. Top each hamburger with onions, sliced ham, cooked bacon, or you favorite toppings.

15. Cover grill and cook 20 minutes. Maintain 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

16. After 20 minutes, top each mushroom burger with provolone cheese, or your favorite sliced cheese.

17. Cover grill and cook 5-10 minutes to melt cheese.


18. Remove mushroom burgers from grill.

19. Place burgers on hamburger buns.

20. Top with onion, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, or any of your favorite toppings and condiments


21. Serve with potato chips 22. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!!

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